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Top Doctors

A majority of the doctors with whom we work have international experience of working with some of the leading hospitals across the world. Many of them have studied or undergone training at top medical universities of the world.


World-class Accredited Hospitals

Our Network hospitals are accredited by a reputable third-party organizations like the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH ), Joint Commission International (JCI) etc.


Latest Medical Technology

Be it latest technology for diagnosis or for radiation therapy, be it advanced robotic surgery technology or keyhole surgeries techniques, our network hospitals in India have the latest up-to-date state of the art technology for better care, outcomes and faster recovery.


Big Cost and Time Savings

Out of all the leading medical travel destinations in the world, India offers the lowest cost. The level of quality that the hospitals in India offer at such a low cost is truly unmatched. You can avail world-class health care in India at a fraction of the cost.


Get Multiple Options

Now you can get multiple free expert medical opinions from few of the leading doctors in India so that you can know your options and make a informed choice much before traveling to India. You can start preparing to travel to India only after you are convinced and have made your choice.


Free Information and Guidance

Being an international patient traveling to another place for medical treatment, you need a lot of information and guidance at every step. When it comes to information and guidance, it is totally free and you get round the clock support from us so that you have a great medical tourism experience.

Top Medical Specialties

From a simple Cosmetic Surgery to a very complex Transplant Surgery, our Network Hospitals in India offer almost all Medical Treatments under different Specialties


  • Mr. Opara David Nnawuihie


    My Name is Opara David Nnawuihie. I work in Lagos, Nigeria. In September 2011, I had persisted headache for three months. Progressively, I noticed weakness of the left side of my body. Test and diagnosis at a local hospital in Nigeria confirmed that my condition was a result of tumor in my brain.

  • Mr. Agoro Kehinde


    It has been a great rewarding experience for me for coming across the Treatment Assistance organization who facilitated and organized my kidney transplant surgery in Bangalore City, India. The transplant was a huge success as I have my life back as my deficient organ especially the kidney has been replaced. Thanks to the professional expertise of an experienced group of doctors that performed the delicate operation.

  • Mr. Lawal Abubakar


    My name is Lawal Abubakar, 47 years old, from Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria. I started experiencing pains on my left hip when I was studying in United Kingdom around May, 2009. However when I came back to Nigeria , X-ray report showed that the head of my left hip was damaged and need to be replaced through total hip replacement surgery. I contacted hospitals in Nigeria, Egypt and United Kingdom, but was not satisfied.