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Back pain- Causes and simple tips for taking care

Most of the back pain arises due to poor or wrong posture and we generally ignore this. Over a period of time this puts a lot of stress on the spine or the back bone leading to severe pain.

Let us see what are the common causes for back pain?

Problems in the disc: Discs are found in between the vertebrae, which act as shock absorbers. Spinal discs can wear down with the age, but most disc problems arise from injury. Discs can bulge, herniated or even rupture causing severe back pain and might need a surgical intervention.

  • Arthritis and vertebral fractures: Arthritis and vertebral fractures can also cause severe back pain and might need surgical intervention. Vertebral and facet joints can be affected by arthritis, causing degeneration and inflammation within the joint and the growth of bony spurs on the edges of the vertebrae.
  • Wrong posture: Poor posture puts a lot of stress on our spine and ligaments by over-stretching them. Even the muscle, nerves and the joints are put under a lot of pressure.
  • Muscle strain and weakness: Pain in the back may also occur due to muscle weakness or strains. Generally if the strain is minor then it may improve gradually over a period of time. If the muscle strain is severe then physiotherapy treatment may be required in order to get rid of the pain.
  • Sprain in the ligament: Sprain in the ligaments is commonly caused due to sports injury or vehicle accidents. In a ligament sprain the ligaments are over stretched which quickly makes them tear and bleed into surrounding tissues causing swelling and pain.

Some simple tips to take care of the back

While you are sleeping, lie on a mattress which is firm enough to support your natural shape. See to it that you do not lie in such a position where you might get too much pressure on neck or the back.

While driving, make sure that you have a right kind of support from the seat that may prevent the back pain. If you need lower back support then use a lumbar roll or a rolled-up towel.

  • Regular exercise might prevent most of the health problems including the back ache. You can also take help from a physiotherapist who can help you to keep your back flexible and strong with correct back and abdominal exercises.

  • A good posture while sitting is very important since most of us spend time in sitting for longer period during our daily work. It is advisable that we should not sit for a long time, ideally not more than 20 minutes. Stand up, stretch and walk around. The chair with proper back support also helps. Ensure that your workstation and computer are correctly positioned.

  • While standing or walking your posture should be stable, balanced and relaxed.
  • Be careful while lifting waits. Always while lifting heavy things keep your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the hips and knees. Grip the load firmly and hold it close to your body, tighten your stomach muscles and use the strong muscles of your legs to lift. Keep your back as straight as possible and gently breathe out. Avoid twisting turn by using your feet and not your back.
  • And remember prevention is always better than cure.

Few people may need surgery to treat back pain. If the patient has an unrelenting pain associated with radiating leg pain or progressive muscle weakness caused by nerve compression then he or she might benefit from surgery. Surgery is generally used to treat back pain that is related to structural problems, such as narrowing of the spine or a herniated disk and the conservative treatment options are not of much use. Many patients from all over the world travel to India for various types of back surgery. For more information on high quality and affordable back surgery in India, please write to us at

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