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How to prevent liver diseases

Prevention of liver diseases

Liver problems may occur because of an infection but the leading causes of liver disease are excess alcohol consumption and obesity. Early diagnosis of liver disease can lessen the threat of permanent liver damage. The following changes in the lifestyle can help in reducing the risk of liver diseases.

Consuming moderate amount of alcohol: Alcohol is the principal root of liver disease not caused by infection. Excess alcohol consumption leads to cirrhosis and hepatitis and also liver failure in later stages.

Stay away from fatty foods: Liver problems occurring because of reasons other than alcohol are known as Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), these are mainly due to buildup of fatty deposits in the liver. It can lead to Diabetes, cholesterol problems and even heart troubles. High intakes of fatty food make the liver to work very hard to breakdown and remove the fat, thereby stressing it.

Proper hygiene Fitness regime: Maintaining a proper hygiene, healthy weight and regular exercising will limit the spread of infections as also it will help in limiting the amount of fat that can build up in the liver.

Hepatitis vaccination: Getting a hepatitis vaccine is the best way to prevent oneself from getting these infections.

Control diabetes: If the sugar level of the blood keeps on fluctuating, then the Liver is forced to work harder and this condition makes it more difficult for the liver to function properly to produce insulin. Hence maintaining constant sugar levels reduces the risk of liver disease.

Other methods to prevent from getting any sort of hepatitis or other infections are having safe sexual exposures and safe and hygienic blood transfusions and surgical interventions, as hepatitis readily spreads from infected needles or surgical instruments.