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What is PET CT ?

PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. CT stands for Computerized Tomography. PET CT is a combination of two most advanced state-of-the-art imaging technology available in some of our network hospitals in India.

PET imaging is used to diagnose diseases by monitoring the glucose metabolism in the cells of the body. The CT provides detailed anatomical information about the location, size and shape of various lesions. Lesions refer to any abnormal change involving any tissue or organ of the body. There are many types of lesions which may arise due to some injury or diseases like cancer etc.

The combination of PET and CT is used in imaging so that the functional image obtained by the PET Scan can be more precisely correlated with anatomic imaging obtained by the CT Scan. This helps doctors to do a more specific diagnosis.

A PET scan shows the function of tissue and organs. This is where it differs from a traditional CT and MRI scan which only shows the anatomical details of any organ.

PET CT scan is predominantly used to detect cancer.

How a PET CT Scan helps to detect a cancer?

A cancer is caused due to an uncontrolled multiplication of body cells. For multiplication of body cells, energy is required. This energy is derived from glucose. The cancer cells require more glucose than the normal cells because fast multiplying cells requires more energy. A PET Scanner utilizes a radioactive molecule that is similar to glucose. This glucose accumulates within the cancer cells due to their high rate of glucose metabolism. When a patient is scanned under a PET Scan, the resulting images show the distribution of the radioactive glucose throughout the body. Areas of increased metabolism appear as hot spots on the images.

What are the benefits of a PET CT Scan?

PET CT scan is a medical imaging modality that inspects all organ system of the body to search for the disease in a single examination. It can help doctors in diagnosing diseases at a much earlier stage when compared to conventional diagnostic procedures and help them to make accurate diagnosis, staging and restaging of cancer, deciding upon treatment plans and, monitoring the effectiveness of the cancer therapies.

Moreover PET CT Scan also helps the surgeon as it can prevent ineffective or unnecessary surgical procedures.

This diagnostic procedure for cancer helps a lot in saving time, money and unnecessary trauma to the patient. The scanning time is very less and the qualities of images are far better than the conventional images.

PET CT can be used for cancer patients and also for non-cancer patients.

Cancer Diagnosis

For patients suffering with cancer PET Scan is used for cancer detection, staging of cancer, treatment response for cancer therapies and restaging of cancer.


PET scan is used for the evaluation of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Tumor etc.


PET is the gold standard to detect viability of myocardium after Myocardial Infarction (MI)


Osteomyelitis, Periprosthetic Infection, PUO evaluation.