Treatment Assistance

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Why Choose Treatment Assistance ?

In our endeavour to provide high quality Medical treatment at Affordable Cost, we are arranging a free no obligation opinion from Top Doctors of India based on the medical reports you send.   

How to start?   

Just send the medical reports, images (if any) and chief complaints of the patients to us.

How to send reports?

It is very easy. Just follow any of the following 4 options to send the reports. Once you send the reports we will show it to our best doctors and get a free no obligation opinion from them and also provide you the most affordable quote.    

1) Simply reply to this mail and attach your medical reports with the mail and send it to us.   

2) By E-mail-Please send your reports to any of the following e-mail id  

3) If the file size is big then you can use the following websites to send your reports online. Just follow the instructions given on the website.   

4) You can fax the reports to the following number 0091-806 6885568 

For more information or help please get in touch with us

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0091-806 6885568