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Do you want to travel to India for Medical Treatment ?

If yes then congratulations for discovering Treatment Assistance ! We will guide you at every step so that you can have a great experience traveling to India for your medical treatment.

India is one of the leading medical travel destinations in the world. A lot of patients from all over the world travel to India for various types of medical treatments. At Treatment Assistance, we have assisted many international patients since the year 2010. We have assisted them at every step to get better service, care and save money. If you want to travel to India for medical treatment then we will make it easy for you. All you need to do is get in touch with us!

1. Getting in Touch

The first step is getting in touch with us. You can write to us at or call us anytime at +91 9900 244 323. You can even fill the form at our ‘contact us’ page or ‘get cost estimate’ form that is on every page of the website and send it to us. We are available at all times and on all days.

2. Discuss with Us

Once we get your query, one of us will get in touch with you. We will call you or write to you. This will help us to understand what actually you are looking for and plan how to go about it. During our conversation, please feel absolutely free to discuss your concerns or needs. This will help us to plan your medical travel to India in a much better way.

3. Send Medical Reports

Once we understand the medical condition and the treatment that you are looking for, we may ask you to scan the most recent and relevant medical reports and/or scan images like x-ray or CT or MRI and send it to us by email at

4. Get Cost Estimate and Opinion

Once we get the relevant medical reports and/or scan images, we will find out the best doctors from our wide hospital network in India, who have the expertise to treat your case. Once we find the most suitable doctors, we will show them the medical reports and /or scan images that you have sent. Based on the information and the reports, the doctors will give their expert opinion or treatment plan .We will get lowest quote possible from the hospital for your treatment or surgery as per the doctor’s opinion. The medical opinion and the cost of treatment with all inclusions and exclusions are sent to you by email.

5. Get to Know your Options

We will give you the best option of doctor, hospital, location and cost after doing a thorough research. If you are not satisfied with the option that we give then you can demand for more options from us. We will try our best to give you more options in the same location or city or in a different location in India. Just feel free to discuss. You need not get stuck with one option if you are not convinced.

6. Choose an Option

Once you choose a particular option, do let us know so that we can move on to our next step. At this stage, if you need more information or have any concerns then you can let us know. The more the information you get the better it is for you to make the decision.

7. Get Passport and Visa

Once you have chosen an option, you need to check whether you have valid international passport with you. You need a valid Passport and Indian Medical visa to enter India for medical treatment. If you do not have a passport, please apply for one immediately. If you already have a Passport, please check that it has more than 6 months of validity still left on it. If not then apply for a new passport. Please check whether even your attendant has it. Once you have a valid international passport with you, you need to apply for an Indian Medical VISA at nearest Indian Embassy. To locate the nearest Indian Embassy, please check out the following link .

Before applying for VISA, please scan the passports and send it to us so that based on the information provided on the passport, we can send a VISA Invitation Letter to you.

8. Finalize Travel Plan

Once you and your attendant get the VISA, you need to book flight tickets. If you need any guidance or help in doing this then please do get in touch with us. Once you book the flight tickets, please scan the tickets and send it to us by email. Please do this atleast one week before your arrival in India. Based on the information provided on the tickets, we will arrange for the airport pick-up from the destination airport in India on the day of arrival. Further, prior arrival information will also help us in booking all the appointments and hospital room in advance for you.

9. Talk to Surgeon over Phone or Video Call

If you want to talk to the doctor or the surgeon who would be treating you in India then we can arrange for it. You can ask all the medical questions or get more information about the treatment or surgery. We need to get an appointment for doing this and hence we request you to inform us well in advance.

10. Depart for your Chosen Destination

As per your ticket booking, you need to get to the airport atleast 2-3 hours before the departure time so that you have sufficient time with you for boarding or checking. Make sure you take photocopies of your passport, visa and other documentation and keep them separately in your hand luggage/baggage. Please inform someone at home about your travel. Please take good care of your personal belongings, Passport, Cash, Air tickets etc. at the airport and while traveling.

11. Get Picked up at Destination Airport

Since you have informed about your arrival in advance, on your arrival in India, one executive will come to the airport for the pick-up. He will come in car and would be waiting for you just outside the exit gate with a placard in his hand that will have your name on it. This will help you to locate him easily. He will directly take you to the hospital or hotel ( depending upon the plan) where you can get into your room which is already booked you.

12. Get Admitted in the Hospital

For admission at the hospital, you need not stand in queue or go to any counter. The patient care executives will come to your room and complete all the admission formalities and provide you with all the necessary information.

13. Make Payment Directly to the Hospital

You need to make payment directly to the hospital once your admission formalities are completed. You will get the bills for all the payments that you make. Please keep them safely with you. You can make payment by cash in Indian rupees or major international currencies like US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros or you can pay by credit or debit cards (VISA or Master ) or Travellers cheque or by bank wire transfer.

14. Meet your Doctor for the Initial Consultation and Evaluation

Once your admission formalities are done, your treating doctor along with his team will come and meet you in your room. He/She will do a physical examination, understand your complaints and medical condition, see all your previous medical reports and/or scan images and may order for some investigation tests before deciding upon a treatment plan or surgery.

15. Undergo your Treatment or Surgery

Once all the investigation tests are done, a treatment plan or the options are decided and is explained to you. If a surgery is required then necessary information about the surgery will be explained to you by the doctors and they will prepare you for it. Once you give your consent, all the necessary consent forms have to be signed before the surgery.

16. Recovery and Physiotherapy

Once the surgery is done you will stay in the hospital for few more days for the recovery and physiotherapy. You can choose to stay extra number of days or undergo extra sessions of physiotherapy beyond the package for extra pay.

17. Get discharged and Collect all your Reports and Bills

At the time of discharge you will be given all the medical reports, scan images and the bills for all the payments that you have made. Your doctor will explain you the discharge summary and the medicines that you need to take post discharge. Further if you are found fit to fly then the doctor will issue a ‘fit to fly’ certificate and if you have any implant or device in your body after the surgery then a letter will be issued for the same. This will help you at the airport while departing from India.

18. Recuperate and Relax at a Hotel or Guest House

After the discharge form the hospital you might have to stay in India for one or two weeks before flying back to your home country. This is for your recovery and relaxation and for some follow-up visits to the doctor if required. During this time you might have a stay in a hotel or guest house near to the hospital. We will help you to find suitable hotel or guest house that matches your budget and preferences.

19. Take Advantage of Sightseeing or Shopping

You can do a bit of sight-seeing and shopping while you are in India. If you are fit and have the doctor’s permission then you can all avail tourism packages to some of the great places in India. Right from city tour to long distance travel, there are many packages and options available. We will help you to get as many options as possible.

20. Depart for your Travel Back Home

On the day of departure from India, make sure you have all the medical reports, prescriptions, passport, tickets and all other necessary documents. On the day of your departure you will be dropped at the airport atleast 2-3 hours prior to your departure so that you have enough time with you to complete all the necessary formalities at the airport.

21. Keep in Touch with the Treating Doctor for Follow-up Care

You can be in touch with your treating doctor on email or phone once you go back to your home country. This will help you in your follow up care. If you need any help from us then you can get in touch with us anytime. Please do not forget to share your India Medical Travel experience with us and with your friends and relatives.

For more information on traveling to India for medical treatment, you can write to us at

How to Get Started ?
If you want to travel to India for knee replacement surgery then please send the following details to us by email at

  • Name and age of the Patient
  • Latest X-ray images
  • Latest medical reports
  • Details of current medical condition ( in brief )

For more information on traveling to India for knee replacement surgery, you can write to us at or call/Whatsapp at +91 9900 244 323 anytime. To get started, click here