What we do

What we do

We provide Medical Travel assistance

Many people from all around the world travel to India for various types of medical treatments. You might have heard it from somebody or read it somewhere that hospitals in India offer quality medical care at a very low cost. Yes, that is true. Out of all the leading medical travel destinations in the world, India offers the lowest cost . Cost is not only the reason why so many people travel to India. It is also the quality of medical care , clinical expertise and outcomes, skilled and experienced medical staff, no language barriers and excellent flight connectivity that attracts so many medical travellers to India. India is a very vast country with many hospitals and clinics spread over at different locations. Out of so many options, Do you know which one is the best for you ? Are you paying the right cost ? Do you have better options ? Who is the best doctor to treat your condition ? Which are the good hotels ? Who will guide you on making travel arrangements ? etc. There are many questions for which you might be seeking answers before you decide to travel to India for your medical treatment. Do not worry we will help you and guide you at every step so that you not only save money but also get true value for the money that you send on your medical travel to India.

We do not charge any fees or surcharges for our services – you’d pay directly to the service providers like airlines, hospital, hotel etc. We will give you options and tell you how to save money and make the best out of your medical travel

If you are traveling to India for medical treatment then we understand that you have special needs and requirements. That is why we help you at every step right from your initial communication with us to going back home after your medical treatment in India. Following are some of the ways we can help you.


We will help you to find right doctor and the hospital who have expertise to treat your medical condition. Infact most of our efforts and time goes in this since we believe that if we get this thing right then most of our job is done. Getting right medical treatment under a highly skilled and experienced doctor is very crucial and that is what every patient looks for. Off course there are many options available since there are many doctors and hospitals in India. Some may be cheaper and some other options may cost you more. We will help you to choose the best option for you keeping cost as well as quality of medical care in mind.


Based on the medical reports and the information on your present medical condition, we will help you to get a free no obligation expert medical opinion from some of the best doctors in India and also a cost estimate for your medical treatment.


You need not waste your time standing in queues or waiting for appointments. Once you confirm your arrival date and time, we will book all the necessary appointments for you in advance.


If you would like to talk to your doctor in India before arriving in India then we can arrange for a direct telephone call or video calling . You can talk to the doctor directly and get answers to all your medical related queries.


Unlike some of the medical travel facilitation companies, we are based in India and hence we can provide you with ground assistance in India. While in India , one of us will visit you at the hospital just to make sure you are comfortable. One of us will be in touch with you throughout your stay in India and you can get in touch with us anytime if you need any help or information or even share your concerns.


We will guide you on planning your travel and getting Indian Medical Visa.


Generally after the discharge from the hospital your doctor may tell you to stay for 7-10 days more in India for follow-up and recovery. During such a stay, we will help you to find a good hotel or guest house nearby to the hospital . There are many options available and you can choose one according to your budget and preferences. We can also arrnage for taxi services if required.


Prior intimation of your arrival not only helps us to book appointments in advance but also arrange for airport pick-up on the day of your arrival in India. Moreover on the day of your departure we will also drop you at the airport.


If you know to read and speak in English language then you may not need interpreter services at all. Almost all the staff members at the hospital do understand and speak English. All the reports and signage would be in English language. For those of you do not understand English language, we can arrange for language interpreters.


If you wish then we can keep your family updated with your on going treatment or progress or your health condition. We can be in touch with them over phone or email or video call.


Once you are discharged from the hospital, we can arrange for local sight seeing or shopping. We can also help you to get local mobile phone connection, currency exchange , taxi services, flight tickets, VISA extension (if required ) etc.

We spread Health Awareness

Apart from providing medical travel assistance, we also do our best to spread health awareness. Being in the filed of healthcare, we cannot just focus on assisting patients to get quality medical treatment but we also need to focus on overall well being of people.

Over the years we have found that many people do not have information on healthy living, health conditions, medical treatments, hospitals, doctors etc. In some of the developing and underdeveloped countries it has is a very serious problem. People do not how to prevent diseases and when they fall ill they do not know where to go and what kind of a treatment is required. In our day to day work of providing medical travel assistance , we also do our bit to spread health awareness using different channels. Right from posting health tips and providing information on various health issues on our social media network and blog to organising health camps at various places around the world we do whatever we can do with the available resources.

We not only make high quality medical care affordable but also create awareness on various health issues

We organise Health Events

We all know that prevention is always better than cure . As mentioned above, at Treatment Assistance, we also create awareness . We organise free medical camps, health seminars, CME programs and distribute information booklets or brochures. These kind of events also help to share knowledge and train local people . We have successfully organised many free medical camps , health seminars and CME for medical staff across many countries in Africa. Moreover it has given an opportunity for those thousands of patients to see and consult some of the top doctors of India without traveling all the way to India for just doing that. By organising such camps we have also found that not all patients are required to travel to foreign countries for medical treatment. Some patients have very minor problems which can be treated locally and in some patients there are no treatments available or it is too late for any treatment. Our medical camps have also helped patients to save money and avoid unnecessary medical travel.

We make Medical Care affordable

One of the very important reasons for people traveling for medical treatment is the cost . We do our best to get lowest possible cost for them for their medical treatment in India. We keep on developing and negotiating special packages for various medical treatments with different hospitals in India. The idea is to get the lowest possible cost so that we can offer that to you. Further we do not deal with any or all the hospitals across India because apart from getting the lowest cost, we also need to see the medical expertise and quality of care that are offered by the hospitals.

Further we also work with NGOs and other voluntary organisations to develop special packages for their beneficiaries.