Who we are

We Provide Medical Travel Assistance Services for International Patients who are Planning to Travel to India for Medical Treatment and that is why we are called Treatment Assistance

A Medical Travel facilitation organisation, Treatment Assistance was founded in the year 2010. We have chosen to promote India as the medical travel destination not because we are based out of India but because of the fact that the cost and the kind of quality of medical care that you get at that cost in India is truly unmatched. Out of all the leading medical travel destinations in the world, India offers the lowest cost.

At Treatment Assistance , our aim is to make high quality medical treatment as affordable as possible for the international patients who want to travel to India from different parts of the world. We believe that everybody deserves a world-class medical care and there should be no boundaries in accessing quality healthcare.

As we all know that India is one of the leading healthcare destinations in the world which provides truly world-class medical care at an unbeatable cost, we help people from different countries to make best out of it. We help them to travel , avail medical treatment at some of the leading hospitals in India and save lot of money at every step of their medical travel and thus making high quality medical care affordable

We provide step by step guidance to international patients traveling to India so that they can avail quality and affordable healthcare services at world-class hospitals without any waiting time.

The people at Treatment Assistance have worked with the patients and their attendants, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and hospital staff. They have worked with some of the finest hospitals in India. Their experience has helped to create an organization like Treatment Assistance which understands the needs and expectations of patients and their attendants who travel from foreign countries to India in search of quality and affordable healthcare.

Every time we guide people on traveling to India for medical treatment, we focus on making it easy , save money at every step and getting high quality medical treatment

Treatment Assistance has provided medical travel assistance services to international patients/medical tourists from more than 20 countries mainly from African and Middle eastern region. Till date, Treatment Assistance has reached more than a million people across the globe, served more than 5000 patients and has helped more than 400 international patients undergo medical treatment at top accredited hospitals in India. We have helped patients from US, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Iraq, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia, Uzbekistan, Singapore etc.

Treatment Assistance is a part of Hinfoways Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. , a healthcare company that is working towards bridging the health information gap.

How to Get Started ?
If you want to travel to India for knee replacement surgery then please send the following details to us by email at medical@treatmentassistance.in

  • Name and age of the Patient
  • Latest X-ray images
  • Latest medical reports
  • Details of current medical condition ( in brief )

For more information on traveling to India for knee replacement surgery, you can write to us at medical@treatmentassistance.in or call/Whatsapp at +91 9900 244 323 anytime. To get started, click here https://www.treatmentassistance.in/get-started/