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Computer Assisted Total Hip Resurfacing

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The hip joint is a ball and socket type of joint which is formed between the thigh bone and the hip bone. It is one of the strongest and firm fitted joints of the human body which could be inflamed or diseased due to certain joint ailments like arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Stress Fracture. Arthritis still stands as the prime indication for a hip replacement surgery.

Hip resurfacing is a procedure where the hip bones are not cut but are shaped to fit in the joint socket and the shaped bone is then covered with a metal cap to facilitate movement of the joint.

Computer Assisted Total Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing failures have led to more studies being done on the position of the socket. Socket position is critical in preventing postoperative hip dislocation. And with more surgeries being done, it appears that premature wear of the implants may be due to improper orientation of the socket in your pelvis bone – leading to impingement (butting together) of the metal stem against the edge of the socket during everyday activity. This in turn may cause metal wear and leave debris within the bearing.

Socket malposition is also not necessarily the fault of Orthopedic surgeons as it is almost impossible to accurately determine the exact position of your pelvis bone and therefore the correct orientation of the new hip socket when patients are lying on their back or on their side during surgery.

Recent advances in Computerized Navigation techniques now permit easy measurement of pelvic orientation as well as accurate pelvic positioning in the pelvic bone with the aid of the Computer–Assisted Hip Resurfacing and Replacement.

In addition, Computer Navigation also allows for measurement of exact leg lengths as well as the offset of your hip resurfacing before and after the components insertion. It is expected that Computer Navigation will therefore help reduce unexpected premature wear as well as reduce post-op leg length inequality and hip instability.

The procedure is same as the conventional total hip resurfacing, but for the use of Computer Assisted Hip Navigation software & hardware as well to aid the surgery.


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