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Affordable and World-class Dental Care Services at Top Dental Clinics in India

In many countries the dental insurance coverage is either not there or it is very low and the cost of dental treatment remains very expensive making it unaffordable to many people. Hence many people around the world are seeking dental care in a foreign country, while on a medical tour or a leisure tour of that country. India has become one of the most preferred destinations, for such travelers because of the unbelievably low Cost of dental treatment and world-class dental clinics that have highly experienced dental specialists and advanced technology.

Our network dental clinics in India have state of the art technology and Infrastructure, with a team of expert specialists to provide the highest quality in dental treatment with the latest technological know-how and in a cost effective manner. The standards of hygiene and sterilization techniques at these clinics are at par with international standards. Most of these dental clinics have zero-microbe sterilization technology, US FDA approved equipment, advanced digital x-ray technology and a world-class patient friendly infrastructure.

World-class Dental Care at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

It is not just doing a procedure on your teeth but it is also very important to provide you a complete care so that you are mentally and medically comfortable while undergoing treatment. Keeping this in mind, the dental clinics follow international standards of treatment protocol and do an accurate prognosis on your health status for blood sugar, blood pressure and heart condition, medical history before you undergo any dental treatment. You will be informed about your oral condition, treatment plan, prognosis, costs and risks involved. If your dental treatment involves any major procedure then consent is asked before the procedure is carried out. A lot of importance is also given to your privacy while you undergo the treatment. The clinics are designed in such a way that your treatment is not be interrupted or distracted and stress free environment is created just for you.

Advanced Dental Imaging at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India have advanced digital x-ray equipment that just takes few seconds to take the x-rays. Moreover the radiation dose from digital x-ray equipment is much lesser than the traditional x-ray imaging. With this advanced digital x-ray equipment, the images can be digitally enhanced on the computer in order to see things that we were never able to see before with traditional x-rays machines. Digital X-rays do not use harmful chemicals and are more environment- friendly.

Modern Dental Chairs at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India are equipped with imported and most modern dental chairs that offer the highest levels of comfort and utility to you and your dental specialist. These chairs offer unrivalled ergonomics, flexibility, helps in easily maintaining the hygiene and all the cables, components and transformers used in these chairs are electrically and electro-magnetically secured and hence even protects heart patients with pacemaker from electrical disturbances while undergoing treatment.

Laser Assisted Dental Treatments at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

A dental laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery or dentistry. Our network dental clinics in India have advanced laser machine for assisting in many types of dental treatments with minimal pain and much lesser tissue damage. There are several advantages of Laser Assisted Dental Treatments. Certain dental treatments that are performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require stitches or anaesthesia by injection. In Laser Assisted Dental Treatments there is very minimal blood loss, less chances of infection, less chances of surrounding tissue damage, helps in faster healing, helps in detecting tooth cavities etc. Laser Assisted Dental Treatments also help in painless and suture-free removal of benign tumours from the gums, palate, sides of cheeks and lips.

Computerized Injection Technology at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

There are computerized precision injection systems available at our network dental clinics in India that help to reduce the pain and to eradicate the anxiety involved in normal injections.

Zoom Teeth Whitening at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India have the advanced Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment that helps in fast, convenient, long lasting, low sensitivity, safe and effective teeth whitening.

Intra Oral Camera with Cavity Detector at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India have the intraoral digital camera that can help you see what your dental specialist sees. These cameras also help to visualize more, helping your dental specialist to diagnose fractures and other problems that the naked eye would never have seen. This also makes you more aware of exactly what the problem is.

What is microvascular breast reconstruction surgery ?

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High Quality Instruments at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India use dental instruments of international quality and safety standards from some of the best manufacturers from all around the World.

Infection Control at our Network Top Dental Clinics in India

Our network dental clinics in India use sterilized drill units, gloves, drapes for dental treatments. In India, infection prevention and control in dentistry is governed by specific guidelines. Anything your dentist uses in the mouth is either sterilized or is disposable. The medical staffs at the clinics are vaccinated against HBV. Ultrasonic instrument cleaning systems are used for cleaning instruments. The clinics follow the highest standards in sterilization processes with best in class sterilization equipment supplied by leading manufacturers to bring you world-class standards in dentistry.

Some of the common Dental Procedures offered at Network Dental Clinics in India

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