Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We know you have lot of questions in your mind. After all it is the question of your health. Just see whether we have answered your question here. If no, then please get in touch with us to include your question and our answer to it


What is the purpose of Treatment Assistance?

The main purpose of Treatment Assistance is to make world-class medical care accessible and affordable to the people across the world. Going in this direction, right now Treatment Assistance is mainly engaged in assisting people from different countries to avail world-class medical care at some of the leading hospitals in India and helping them to save money at every step of their medical travel. We believe that the patients can getlowest cost for their medical care in India when compared to any other leading medical travel destinations in the world. Further Treatment Assistance works with NGOs and Coporate organisations to develop special medical travel programmes and health awareness campaigns for their beneficiaries.

Who created Treatment Assistance?

The people of Treatment Assistance were working with some of the leading hospitals and healthcare facilities at various locations in India. They quit their jobs because they thought that they can do a better job of serving the patients and walk on the path of making world-class medical care accessible and affordable to the people. They can work with speed, be very close to patients and bring innovative practises. Since we are small, we are more agile, focussed and very close to our clients. You can find more about us in our Who we are section.

Why an organization like Treatment Assistance is necessary?

Many people across the world are searching for high quality and affordable medical care. They are doing this because they are facing problems to get medical care in their home countries. These problems differ from country to country but revolve around one or more of these problems – Lack of Advanced Facilities and Skilled Doctors, Very High Cost of Medical Care and Very Long Waiting time. India is one such destination which provides solutions to their problems. But many people want somebody to help them and give proper guidance so that they get right medical treatment at right hospital under a right doctor and at a right cost so that they can make best out of their medical travel to India. There are many hospitals and doctors in India and choosing the right one may sometimes become a bit difficult. Further they need guidance on travel, hotel, VISA, appointments etc. To help such people Treatment Assistance is necessary. People need not stick to or be dependant to one hospital or doctor. Through Treatment Assistance they can get options, information and guidance without paying or incurring extra cost.

What does Treatment Assistance do?

We make world-class healthcare affordable, provide medical travel assistance and we spread health awareness. Please visit our page What we do to know more.

What makes Treatment Assistance unique?

Like many other medical tourism companies, we do not just sell surgery packages or holidays. We are the people from healthcare industry and have worked with patients and medical staff over the years. We understand what healthcare is all about and what do patients look for? We do not just focus on medical treatment or surgery or holidays. We also spread health awareness, organise free Medical Camps, Health seminars and also CMEs in various countries. We also work with NGOs and Corporates to design special programs whereby the needy beneficiaries can travel to India for medical care.

Where does Treatment Assistance get its resources?

At present we do not get any funding from NGOs, Corporates, Investors, Government or any government bodies or any International donor agencies. Further we do not take any money from the patients or charge for our services. Patients directly pay to airlines, VISA, Hospital, Hotel etc. By availing our services the patient does not pay higher to service providers. Infact by taking our help, you can save a lot and get better service. Then how do we earn money to sustain and help people?We get paid by the hospitals a small fee called facilitation fees. The facilitation fees will not make the hospitals to quote or charge you more. You will pay the same amount what the hospital directly quotes you. Further this will not stop us from giving you as many options as possible and giving you the right option. For us getting the best quality medical care at most affordable cost for our patients is more important.

May I bring along a relative or friend as my attendant?

We understand that having a relative or friend with you will provide you with the necessary company, support, and warmth that you need. You can bring one attendant with you and he/she can stay with you in the hospital during your treatment. Our network hospitals have provision for one attendant to stay with the patient.

What are the payment options available at the hospital?

There are many payment options available. You can pay by cash (only in US Dollars, UK Pounds or Euros), international Debit or Credit Cards, travellers cheque and bank wire transfer. Please note that normal bank cheques are not accepted.

What about my airport transfers in India?

It will be arranged. Please inform us about your arrival plans in India atleast a week in advance so that we can arrange for airport pick-up for you. Further we will also arrange for your airport drop on the day of your departure from India.

How can I book appointments with my doctor in India? Or Do I need to wait for appointments?

Do not worry. We will book all the necessary appointments for you in advance once we get your confirmed arrival plans. You need not wait for appointments or stand in queues. All the appointment bookings will all be done before your arrival in India.

May I include leisure into my trip?

Yes, you can but only after having your treating doctor’s opinion about this. We can help you tailor a leisure part of your trip and give you many options. This might include anything from stays at a rest retreat within reach of your doctor and hospital so that you can comply with follow-up visits, to the trips to attractive tourist destinations in India. The kind of trip or stay can only be planned keeping in mind your health and physical condition. Hence we need to take your treating doctor’s advice on this.

How can I contact and keep in touch with my doctor?

At all times while making up your mind, planning your trip, during your stay, and after your return home your doctor will be available by phone and email. Since medical travellers cannot visit and see their doctors before taking the trip, our facilitation services include not only an introductory conference call between you and your doctor, but also, as many other calls as needed for you to feel more comfortable and understand what to expect and for your doctor to better assess the case at hand. For all scanned medical records, diagnostics, and pictures your doctor might need, we use a private web portal in which you can upload files for us to deliver or for your doctor to access directly.

Will you select or advise on doctors and hospitals?

This is what one of the very important things that Treatment Assistance does for you. Treatment Assistance is here for you to have all necessary information and tools to make such an important and personal decision in the most educated and informed way. We show you what we consider are great options, help you understand them, and assist with anything you need to make the choice. Nevertheless, choosing healthcare procedures and providers is completely up to you. We do not provide medical or healthcare advice, do not encourage, advocate, underwrite, or select on your behalf any of the doctors, hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities in or outside our network. If you are not satisfied with the kind the options we give then please do not hesitate to ask for more options or share your concerns with us.

What if I don’t find the procedure in which I am interested on your website?

Treatment Assistance has a network of hospitals, clinics and other providers. Treatment Assistance is not just restricted to one or two hospitals. With such a wide network, Treatment Assistance can offer any speciality or procedure to you. In this website we have mentioned very common or popular procedures that medical travellers to India opt for. If you do not find the procedure that you are looking for then please do write to us at medical@treatmentassistance.in or call +91 9900 244 323. We will be happy to give the details and help you

Why should I work with Treatment Assistance instead of directly approaching the hospital?

Treatment Assistance is not bound by any hospital or doctor. It has a wide network of hospitals and doctor in India. This means that you can get options with respect to cost, location, hospital or doctor. You need not rely on one particular hospital and buy whatever they sell. Having options will help you to choose the best for you. We give you carefully selected and proven options.

Treatment Assistance has also negotiated prices with everyone in the network so that we can give you the lowest cost and sometimes lower price than what the hospitals may directly quote to you.

We guide and take you through the planning process. We reach out to your doctors, give them your information, records, files, and images. We also coordinate your procedures, travel, and logistics in a way that suits your needs.

We are there on ground in India. The case manager with which you have been in contact throughout the process will be your local advocate. You will not only meet this person, but also count on them to defend your interests with doctors, hospitals, and transportation providers. We will always act in your best interest and assist you with any special needs.

We can guide you, provide information and help you to get the best and save money at every step. We do not charge for our services and available round the clock.

What is the cost of using Treatment Assistance?

Treatment Assistance does not charge patients for its services. We provide healthcare professionals and institutions with promotion and marketing services in exchange for a fraction of their incremental revenues. This means that patients enjoy our services for free, have access to the same rates they would get calling the providers directly, and even save in accommodations and logistics as we pass on the corporate rate savings we have agreed on.

Do I need to make advance payments to Treatment Assistance for my treatment?

No. You need to pay to the hospital directly once you arrive in India and get admitted. Please note that Treatment Assistance does not collect any money from the patients. You need to pay directly to the hospital, airlines, hotel etc. Please do not forget to collect your bills once you make payments.

How long should I expect to be away from home?

It depends on the procedure that you would be undergoing. Usually organ transplant surgery will take longer duration of stay since a lot of legal paper work is involved. Otherwise the stay may range between 5 days to 20 days depending upon the surgery or procedure and the recovery time.

What if I need to make changes to my itinerary or timing when I am already in India?

We will help you with this. Whether it is ticket change or VISA extension, we will help you in doing it.

What is the right time to call Treatment Assistance?

Any time is right time. We are available round the clock and on all days. So, do not see the time or the day. Just pick the phone and call us at +91 9900 244 323.

Is interpretation service available at the hospital?

You might need interpretation services only if you do not understand English Language. All the staff at the hospital speak in English language. If you do not understand English language then we can arrange professional interpreters for the language that you want.

Are the hospitals accredited by a reputable third-party organization?

Yes. Our Network hospitals are accredited by a reputable third-party organization likethe National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH ), Joint Commission International (JCI) etc.

Are any of the doctors internationally trained?

Yes. A majority of the doctors with whom we worked have international experience of working with some of the leading hospitals across the world. Many of them have studied or undergone training at some of the leading medical universities in USA, UK and Germany. Some of the doctors are US-board certified, and many others were trained and certified in Europe, Japan, or Australia.

How will I get an Indian Medical VISA?

Once you decide to come to India for your medical treatment, you need to send the scanned copies of the passports of the patient and the attendant. This will help us in issuing VISA invitation letters to the patient and the attendant. VISA invitation letters have to be attached with VISA Application Form while applying for Indian VISA at the Indian Embassy. This will help you in getting Indian VISA on priority basis. You will get the VISA Application Form from your nearest Indian Embassy or on their websites. Call us anytime at our patient helpline number +91 9900 244 323 for any help.

Where is Indian Embassy located in my country?

You can find the complete list of India Embassies located in various countries. Just visit the following link for more information.