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Medical Tourism Facilitation Services for Corporate Employees and Beneficiaries of Group Plan

Healthcare Costs have sky rocketed in recent years. Rising cost of healthcare services is affecting even the organizations that cover or sponsor healthcare costs of their employees or beneficiaries. These organizations may be Corporate Organization, International NGOs, Insurance Companies or Government Bodies/Organizations. They want to cut down spending on healthcare expenses of their employees or beneficiaries but at the same time they want them to avail high quality medical treatment. The best option available for them is to send their employees or beneficiaries to India for medical treatment.They will not only save a lot of money but also help their people to avail world-class healthcare without any waiting time whatsoever.

We know that India is one of the leading medical travel destinations in the world. But finding the right hospital and doctors in India and entering into various agreements can be a bit time consuming and tedious process. There are many hospitals and each hospital has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are good in cardiology and some others in orthopedics. Hence organizations might have to enter into multiple agreements with different hospitals. Choosing right hospitals and then dealing with so many of them might prove a bit challenging in the long run. Moreover there is also a need for things like providing complete ground assistance for the patients/employees/beneficiaries when they are in India, daily updates when they are admitted at the hospital, talking to treating doctors, details of hospital billing etc. In order to solve these problems and help their employees/beneficiaries to get best medical care in India and save on healthcare expenses, the organizations need a single point of contact in India who can take care of all these things instead of organizations themselves running behind several hospitals and creating a lot of unnecessary work for themselves. We can be of a great help by becoming a single point of contact for such organizations who want to send their employees/beneficiaries to India for high quality and affordable medical treatment. Organizations can completely outsource the medical travel work to us and we can manage their employees’ medical travel to India. The good part is,we are based in India and it is like having somebody on ground who can help your employees and provide correct information and guidance to them and the concerned people or official representatives in your organization.

Our team members have a vast prior experience of working in international patient services division of some of the leading hospitals in India, they exactly know what are the problems or issues faced by corporate employees or beneficiaries coming for the medical treatment to India and also the areas at which the organizations should focus on in order to save money and help their employees to get best services.

What are the advantages of choosing Treatment Assistance for your employees’ medical travel to India?

Get Multiple Options

As mentioned earlier,India has many good hospitals but every hospital has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some hospitals are really good in Spine Surgery and some are good in Heart Surgery. Even though many hospitals in India claim that they are experts in multi-specialty care but the truth is, every hospital cannot be expert in everything. They have certain specialties in which they are very strong and in certain other specialties you may have a better hospital or doctor located somewhere else in India. We understand this very well and hence we have tie-up arrangement with few best hospitals across India that covers all the specialties. We have a choice of sending the patient to a place which is just right for him or her. Moreover even the patient or the organization can choose a hospital or doctor from our wide network. Now you have many options to choose from instead of relying on one hospital. We believe that the ability to get options is very important so that the patient has a choice. Now you need not worry whether your employee or beneficiary is going to right place for treatment or not? We will handle it for you.

Save on Medical Expenses

We can help organizations to save a lot on medical expenses. Just traveling to India for medical treatment will save you lot of money. We can help you to save more. When it comes of cost of medical treatment, having a tie-up arrangement with just one hospital may not be a good option for any organization in long run. The reason being, you need to pay whatever the hospital quotes you. Sometimes the same medical treatment can be done at a much lesser cost at an equally good or better hospital. We can even bring down the estimates given by existing hospitals since we know what are the rates prevailing in Indian Healthcare Market.We can negotiate with the hospitals on behalf of your organization in order to bring down the price to market rate. Even exclusive special rates or packages can be developed for your employees or beneficiaries. This will definitely save a lot of money for the organization in the long run and can help to enroll more and more employees or the beneficiaries to avail this benefit.

Single Point of Contact

At times, communicating with hospitals can become very difficult. More the number of hospitals, bigger the problem. You may not get response on time and you may not even get the update of patient’s condition. We believe that getting regular updates is very important for not the just organization but also the family members of the patient who are at a very far away distance.There are so many people working in the hospital that you may not even know whom to contact and at what time to contact. We can help an organization and its employees by becoming a single point of contact for all the communication. Right from getting initial medical opinion and cost estimates, arranging for telephone call or video call with the doctors to getting daily updates, you can just call one number or contact one person.We will be available at all times so that you need not think when to call us for any help. When in India, your employees or beneficiaries can call us directly if they need any help or information.

Information and Guidance

We will also send regular updates and information about what is new at our network hospitals in India. Be it new technology or unique surgery or any new doctor joining our network hospitals, you will get all the necessary information. We can also send information brochures, material or leaflets which can be used to create awareness among employees about various health issues and preventive steps.We can also bring some of the doctors of various specialties from our network hospitals in India and organize free medical camps and awareness programme for your employees or beneficiaries. Your employees or the beneficiaries can see and personally talk to the doctors and get consultation and information. We firmly believe that creating awareness and early detection of diseases are very important. In simple, we will not only focus on medical treatment but also on the preventive measures.

Round the Clock Assistance

Your organization and its employees or beneficiaries will get complete guidance at every step of medical travel. Right from choosing the doctor to travel, information and guidance would be provided at every step. We will receive your patients at all hours when they arrive at the airport in India. All the necessary appointments and room bookings at hospital/ hotel would be arranged in advance. We will visit your patients and their companions at hospitals on a regular basis just to ensure that they have a very comfortable hospital stay. We will be just like second attendants to your patients in India. Once they arrive in India we will personally meet them and brief them about everything that is necessary. They would be given our contact details so that they can get in touch with us anytime for any help. Our people would send updates on your employee/ patient’s medical condition on regular basis by mail or over phone to the authorized person at your organisation. We also take care of companions or attendants of the patients as we do for patients because we know that they also play a very important part for treatment and recovery for a patient. We can also help the employee’s /patient’s companion with travel, accommodation, local sightseeing, shopping etc. We can also arrange General Health Check-Up for them and also design special health check-up or screening packages at very economical rates.

Complete Reports and Documents

We will check all the hospital bills/invoices and carefully compile all reports and invoices before sending them to the designated people in the organization. We will always be available for any clarification or relevant information if needed. We will ensure that the patients and their attendants have all the documentation ready and correct before departing from India so that they have a smooth journey.

Follow-up Care

Follow-up care is very important after the patient is discharged from the hospital and goes back home. For follow-up care, we help to coordinate ongoing communication with the hospital/doctor after the patient is discharged from the hospital. We help the patients to remain in touch with their doctors after they return to home. This is normally done by arranging telephonic conversation or video call or e-mail exchange.

Online System to Manage Employee Medical Travel

We can also provide you with an unique online system to manage your employee medical travel. On the system you or your employees can view doctors and hospitals from our wide network in India and make a choice. The system can do much more for you. It can help you in saving your resources, time and being in control on various aspects of your overseas employee medical referrals. It can also be customized to your needs.

For more information on traveling to India for medical treatment, you can write to us at or call or WhatsApp at +91 9900 244 323.