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Traveling abroad for surgery is a big decision. We have tried to answer some of the most common questions that are asked by international patients who want to travel to India for their medical treatment. If you do not find answer to your question then please feel free to write to us at

It is interesting to know what makes patients from different countries travel all the way to India for their medical treatment. India provides solutions to various problems faced by patients in the healthcare system of their home country. Some of the problems faced by the patients are very high cost of medical treatment, long waiting lists, lack of advanced technology, dearth of highly skilled and experienced doctors etc. If you are one among those patients seeking healthcare beyond borders then here are the few reasons why you should choose India as your most preferred healthcare destination.
When compared to cost of medical treatment in some of the developed countries, the cost of medical treatment in India is unbelievably low. The cost is so low that you can save anything between 40% to 80% of the cost in UK, US or other developed countries. Take for example the cost of a total knee joint replacement surgery. The cost in US is somewhere around $35000 to $60000 whereas in India it costs just $5500 to $7000 only. Moreover it is very interesting to know that out of all the top medical travel destinations in the world, India offers the lowest cost.
Are you tired of waiting for long and suffering a lot due to long waiting list at the hospitals and clinics in your home country? Some of the countries have good doctors and all the advanced facilities, but here patients face another type of problem i.e. the long waiting lists. Be it for a hip replacement surgery or a spine surgery, the patients have to wait for a long time for his/her turn. The patient has to suffer with a lot of pain and mental trauma till he/she gets an appointment for his/her medical treatment.

In India there is no waiting time at all. Not even waiting in queues. We can book all the necessary appointments for you even before your arrival in India so that you need not wait unnecessarily.
India has some of the finest hospitals with world-class infrastructure that is designed with a lot of focus on comfort of the patient and their attendants. These hospitals know that the hospital environment also has an impact over the treatment and recovery of the patient. Further the hospitals are kept very clean and tidy. These hospitals have been accredited by national and international organizations like the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) and JCI (Joint Commission International). This means that a lot of attention is given on patient’s safety, patient’s privacy, infection control etc. These hospitals have very comfortable patient rooms, cafeteria, advanced equipment, most modern and patient friendly infrastructure.
For better diagnosis and treatment of patients, many hospitals in India have introduced most advanced medical technologies and equipment. This has helped a lot in reducing the length of stay in the hospital and recovery time of the patients. The hospitals have most modern and advanced medical technology like the Cyberknife, Novalis, VMAT, PET Scan, 3 Tesla MRI, Advanced CT Scan etc. All these equipment are procured from some of the leading medical devices companies in the world.
Indian doctors are known world-wide for their medical skills. You will find them in some of the best hospitals across the world be it US or UK or Canada. These doctors have been trained at some of the leading medical centers in the world like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland clinic, Johns Hopkins etc. Many of them are US Board certified doctors having years of experience. Some of the doctors even have their names in the Book of Guinness Records for achieving various medical feats.
Even if you visit hospitals in US, UK or Europe, you will find a nurses and paramedical staff from Indian sub continent. Hospitals in India have well trained and qualified nursing and paramedical staff who provide excellent care to the patients. Some of these nurses have any experience of working with international hospitals.
Being one of the fastest growing economies and tourist destinations in the world, a large number of people come to India every day. To meet their traveling demands, India has come up with some of the world-class airports in all the major cities with excellent flight connectivity from anywhere in the world. Almost all the international flights come to India and frequency is also good. The airport has all the modern facilities.
Almost all the staff members at the hospitals speak and understand English language. Infact English is one of the widely used languages in India. You will get all the reports and documents in English language only. If at all you are not able to speak or understand English language then we can also arrange language interpreters in any language like the Arabic, Russian, French etc.
You will get individual attention. You will be taken care off right from airport pickup, hospital stay to airport drop in India. At every step you and your attendant are taken care by a professional team of Guest Relation Officers. They will assist you at every step.
India is also a well-known as a tourism destination in the world. Tourist destinations in India include Hill stations, Historical Monuments, Forts, Palaces, ancient Temples, beaches, wild-life and the architectural sites. Travelling and staying in India is affordable and there are many travel companies offering various tourism and sight seeing packages. There are good hotels and restaurants too. You get a lot of options to choose from.
There are many countries in the world that do not have good medical facilities. Lack of Skilled Doctors and Advanced Technology, High cost of Medical Treatment, Long Waiting time etc. are some of the common problems faced by many patients all over the world. India provides ideal solution to all these problems by offering world-class healthcare at affordable cost with no waiting time. Every year a large number of patients all over the world travel to India to avail various types of advanced medical treatments. Hence if you are looking for good medical facilities and affordable medical treatment then you can consider India as your preferred destination.
You need not worry about it. We will help you in doing that. We have a dedicated team of people who have years of experience of working in Indian hospitals. Their knowledge, experience and network will help us in choosing the right doctor and hospital for your medical treatment. All you need to do is to get in touch with us.
You can compare the cost given by us and also verify it with the hospital anytime you would like to do so. You can get quote from other hospitals and doctors in India and do the comparison to take a more informed decision. When we give cost to you, all the inclusions and exclusions would be clearly mentioned. You can call us anytime for any clarification at our patient helpline number +91-9900 244 323.
For international patients like you, we have a tie-up arrangement with few reputed hospitals and best doctors across various cities in India. Hence we have a wide network of best doctors and top hospitals in India. Through us you can easily reach them. We can act as one point of contact for you. This reduces your burden of finding them, checking their credentials, getting in touch with them etc. We check the credentials of the hospitals and the doctors before we get associated with them. We help you in getting a free medical opinion and lowest cost of treatment from our network hospitals and doctors in India. To get started, all you need to do is send the medical reports of the patient by e-mail to You can also send the reports by courier to us.
No. We do not charge any advance money from our patients. In fact, we do not take any money from the patients. The patients need to directly pay to the hospital at the time of admission. You will be given receipts from the hospital for all the payments that you make. We request our patients not to pay any money to middlemen, agent or any unauthorized person. Payment should be made to the hospital directly.
Some of the payment options available at our network hospital Cash Payment (US Dollars, UK Pounds, EURO, Indian Rupees), Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card, Wire Transfer and Travelers Cheques.
Please note that normal bank cheques are not accepted at our network hospitals.
No. Our services to our patients are free of cost. You make payments directly to hospital, VISA office, Airlines for Flight Tickets, Hotel etc as per actuals. We help you and guide you at every step so that you get the correct information and price. We also negotiate with hospitals and hotels so that you get the lowest cost possible.
You need to have Passport, VISA issued by Indian Embassy, Yellow Fever and Polio Vaccination Certificates (if applicable), Medical Reports and Scans like X-rays, CT, MRI (if any) and a Fit to Fly certificate from your local doctor (if required by airlines people).
Once you decide to come to India for your medical treatment, you need to send the scanned copies of the passports of the patient and the attendant. This will help us in issuing VISA invitation letters to the patient and the attendant. VISA invitation letters have to be attached with VISA Application Form while applying for Indian VISA at the Indian Embassy. This will help you in getting Indian VISA on priority basis. You will get the VISA Application Form from your nearest Indian Embassy or on their websites. Call us anytime at our patient helpline numbers +91-9880866110 or +91-9900244323 for any help.
You can find the complete list of India Embassies located in various countries. Just visit the following link for more information.
We have a dedicated team of Patient Service Associates who are available round the clock to answer all your queries. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime. Call us at 0091-9900244323 or write to us at
We will arrange for your pick-up from the airport on the day of your arrival in India. Our Guest Relation Officer will personally come to the airport in an air-conditioned car to pick-up. He would be standing just outside the exit gate with a placard in his name which will have patient’s name on it. This will help you to locate him easily. You will be taken directly to the hospital and would be admitted in a private room which would be booked for you in advance. Airport pick up service is provided free of cost to our patients.

We request or patients not to book a cab on their own or try to move out of the airport. Local cab drivers may charge very high price and may not be reliable.
You need to inform us about your arrival details (day of arrival, time of arrival and flight number) atleast one week in advance. We will book all the necessary appointments for you in advance and also a private room.
All your admission formalities would be done in your room. You need not stand in queue at the admission counter for your admission. The hospital executive will come to your room with all the necessary forms and you can fill them in the comfort of your room. Please note that only one attendant can stay with the patient in the private room.
We will arrange a mobile phone for you. You can buy recharge coupons according to your requirements. You can call your friends and family members back home comfortably. We can also arrange for video calling facility using internet whereby you not only talk to your family members but also see them.
Our Patient Service Associates will visit you on regular basis in the hospital. You can discuss all issues or concerns with them without any hesitation. They will do their best to sort out your concerns.
Yes. We make sure that you get all the medical reports and scans along with the hospital bills at the time of discharge.
We will help you in finding a suitable hotel or guest house for you nearby hospital. We have tie-ups with some hotels and try to get you best rates possible.
We will help you in changing the flight tickets, booking new tickets, FRRO registration, extending VISA period (if required), arranging internal transfers etc.
One attendant can stay with the patient in a private room. The stay of one attendant with the patient in the hospital is included in the package. If there is more than one attendant then the other attendants will have to stay in a hotel or apartment. We will help the attendants to find suitable accommodation.
Yes, but only with doctor’s permission. We can arrange for local sightseeing, tourism and shopping for the patient and the attendant if the treating doctor confirms that the patient is fit to carry on such activities.
Do not worry. We will hand hold you right from the day of your arrival in India to your departure from India. We will drop you and your attendant at the airport. Our Guest Relation Officer will accompany you.
You need to take all your medical reports, a Fit to Fly Certificate issued by your treating doctor, FRRO registration certificate (if required) and Flight Tickets. We will check all the documents a day before your departure from India just to make sure that all the documents are correct and you and your attendant do not face any problem on the day of departure from India.
You can keep in touch with your treating doctor by mail and by phone call. We will arrange for it.
You can directly approach the doctor or the hospital. If you approach us then all we can do for you is, reduce your tension or anxiety by helping you at every step involved in your medical travel process. We are the people on ground in India and our team members have in-depth knowledge of Indian healthcare industry. India is a very large country with innumerable tertiary health care centers each specializing in different areas of tertiary care. You might have difficulty in locating the facility appropriate to your particular healthcare problem within your budget. Imagine trying to make travel, lodging and boarding arrangements, fixing doctor’s appointments, keeping schedules etc. And finally about taking the decision itself, all these would not only add to your costs but also to your stress levels and you would agree that this is something you can do without. Our expert team can help you to make your medical travel experience a successful one. Hospitals are too busy with their day to day work of providing excellent medical care. We can take care of your non-medical needs and be your companion on ground in India.

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