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Ilizarov Fixation Surgery

Some people need limb lengthening surgery in order to overcome anatomical deficiencies, that may be congenital, traumatic, or as a result of disease. Limb lengthening surgery or the Bone lengthening surgery is the surgical elongation of the bone. There are two types of Bone lengthening surgeries – Acute or Gradual. Acute bone lengthening surgery involves making a cut in the bone and moving the bone into its new position. The bone is then held in place with metal ware of plates and screws. This is also known as internal fixation. In a gradual bone lengthening surgery the bone is cut and the cut ends of the bone are pulled apart using an external device called external fixator. The external fixator is attached to the limb with metal pins and wires holding the bone in place. Ilizarov fixator is one of the types of external fixator which is a circular or ring fixator. An Ilizarov fixator surrounds the limb all around. The Ilizarov halos are placed around the foot and ankle, allowing for improved deformity correction and weight-bearing on the involved foot as healing takes place. This allows a patient much more freedom and comfort than other treatment options.

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