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Infertility Treatment at World-class Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

Male or female infertility is the inability of a couple to bring a pregnancy to term after a year or more of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse. There are many couples worldwide who are unable to conceive their first child or are unable to conceive a second or subsequent child. Hence there are many couples with such problem who are in their childbearing age, seek medical help for infertility. Medical help is sought usually after about two years of failing to conceive. Infertility problems may be with men or women or both of them.

There are many reasons for infertility but some of the most common causes of infertility are as follows.

The good part is, there are more effective infertility treatments available nowadays. With the advancement in technology and expertise, infertility treatments are now more successful, with pregnancy rates obtained with most treatment comparable to natural pregnancy rates.

Treatment Assistance has formed a network of some of the leading infertility treatment centres in India that offer very affordable infertility treatment packages and world-class care for infertile couples seeking treatment. The medical and non-medical staffs at these centres understand that management of infertility includes both the physical and emotional care of couple. Therefore they provide a very caring environment and support to theinfertile couples in order to help them to cope with the various aspects of their condition. Hence it all starts with professional counselling that forms a very important part of care to help them to cope with the various aspects of their condition and treatment process.

Advanced Diagnostic Facilities at Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

Proper diagnosis is the first step in planning the right treatment and to get good outcomes. Our network infertility centres in India have advanced diagnostic facilitates. A series of tests and investigations are done in order to find the problem. These tests includes :

Advanced Technology and Facilities at Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

Our network infertility centres in India offer world-class technology for minimally invasive and robotic surgeries to treat various infertility problems. The centres have well equipped assisted reproductive techniques laboratory for IVF and ICSI and advanced imaging facility like 3D or 4D Ultra sound machine. The operation theatres have state of the art equipment like HD Camera for high resolution ,wide view screens, high frequency surgery unit, bipolar resectoscope, rotocut morcellator, Harmonic Scalpel system etc. that help the surgeons to perform complex surgeries and various laparoscopic procedures. The assisted reproductive techniques (ART) laboratories have laminar flow workstation, carbon dioxideIncubators, Rapid Eye Vitrification system for Cryopreservation of embryos etc.

Common Infertility Treatments offered at our Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

There are many treatment options available to overcome the problems of male and female infertility. Once your diagnosis has been completed, the infertility treatment specialists will review the results and recommend a treatment plan. The treatment plan may include one or more treatment alternatives. The doctors will explain you the treatment plan in detail.

Infertility Treatment Options for Women Offered at our Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

Infertility Treatment Options for Men Offered at our Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India

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