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Meniscal Repair Surgery

Menisci are the two C-shaped discs in each knee. Menisci are the shock absorbers of the knee joint. They help in distributing the pressure across the knee joint. When the knee is twisted or quickly turned (often while the foot planted) then there are chances of the Meniscus getting torn. A torn meniscus may interfere with the normal function of the knee joint. This may cause severe pain, swelling and may affect the mobility.Some Meniscal tears may heal by just undergoing conservative treatments but some others may require a surgery.If the knee remains painful, stiff or locked over a longer period then your surgeon may recommend surgery. Usually meniscal surgery is done using arthroscope and hence is minimally invasive.  The torn meniscus is either repaired or trimmed.During arthroscopic meniscal surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon uses an instrument called an arthroscope . The arthroscope is inserted through a tiny incision near your knee. The arthroscope contains a light and a small camera. The camera helps in projecting an enlarged image of the inside of your knee onto a computer monitor outside. The surgeons can now see the internal part of the knee on a computer screen that will help them in surgery. Few more incisions are made and surgical instruments are inserted in your knee.

Since it is a minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery, the recovery time following arthroscopic meniscal surgery tends to be much shorter than it is for open-knee procedures. For full recovery from the surgery, it may take weeks or months. You need to do exercises to optimize knee strength and stability as instructed by your doctor or physiotherapist.

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