What people say about us

My Name is Opara David Nnawuihie. I work in Lagos, Nigeria. In September 2011, I had persisted headache for three months.Progressively, I noticed weakness of the left side of my body. [Read more]

It has been a great rewarding experience for me for coming across the Treatment Assistance organization who facilitated and organized my kidney transplant surgery in Bangalore City, India. [Read more]

My name is Lawal Abubakar, 47 years old, from Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria. I started experiencing pains on my left hip when I was studying in United Kingdom around May, 2009.[Read more]

Our trip to India was smooth, sweet, wonderful, to be sincere I do not know the right word to qualify it. You made us feel more than at home and showered us with love and care, [Read more]

I have had some medical challenges with the way to treat my Prostate Enlargement in Nigeria for about six months without success and time was running out for me. [Read more]