Nigerian Travels to India for a successful Brain Tumor Surgery

Nigerian Travels to India for a successful Brain Tumor Surgery

“My Name is Opara David Nnawuihie. I work in Lagos, Nigeria. In September 2011, I had persisted headache for three months. Progressively, I noticed weakness of the left side of my body. Test and diagnosis at a local hospital in Nigeria confirmed that my condition was a result of tumor in my brain. A family friend who had undergone a surgery on a malignant tumor in India directed us to a company called Treatment Assistance.

We made contact with a member of the company. He visited us in (I and my Wife) in Lagos and we drew a plan for the treatment in India. We also made available to Treatment Assistance the results of the tests that was conducted in Nigeria. Treatment Assistance sent the test report to the best hospital that can handle my case. They also arranged for transportation from and to the airport.

I arrived India unconscious. My wife who came in the capacity of the patient attendant, took charge.I was operated up on the same night I arrived because of my condition .I woke up two days later to the realization that my tumor had been removed. Because of the nature of my tumor, the doctors decided there is a need for me to under go chemo/radiotherapy. Treatment Assistance liaised with the surgeon to decide on the best oncologist to handle my case.

At the end of the day, I got a quality and affordable treatment, thanks to the almighty God who, through Treatment Assistance handed us over the best hands.

The surgery and the chemo/radiotherapy have all gone without any complications.In the course of my treatment I came across some international patients, who came on their own to seek treatment of ailments ranging from kidney transplant, heart diseases and so on. Some left without achieving their aim or getting cure or answers to their health challenges after spending so much.

Come in through the right people and you will have nothing to fear. I thank God I did. “


Mr. Opara David Nnawuihie
Country: Nigeria