Nigerian Travels to India for a successful Kidney Transplant Surgery

Nigerian Travels to India for a successful Kidney Transplant Surgery“It has been a great rewarding experience for me for coming across the Treatment Assistance organization who facilitated and organized my kidney transplant surgery in Bangalore City, India. The transplant was a huge success as I have my life back as my deficient organ especially the kidney has been replaced. Thanks to the professional expertise of an experienced group of doctors that performed the delicate operation.

Another beautiful thing that happened to me here in India during the course of undergoing the treatment is that the era of high blood pressure has disappeared completely as my blood pressure has been normal after undergoing the operation.

I am so much grateful and appreciative to the Treatment Assistance organization for saving my life from been cut short due to kidney failure. This goes to show that there is great hope for all the sufferers of this kind of ailment in the world all over. In this regard I wish to implore all intending patients world over to get in touch with the Treatment Assistance organization for an affordable and best medical practice for any kind of sickness you may b going through as they will provide the cheapest and best medical treatment you can ever imagine.

Thank you very much Treatment Assistance, may god continue to bless you.”

Mr. Agoro Kehinde
Country: Nigeria