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Pelvis is a group of bones held together by tough ligaments to form a girdle of bones at the base of the spine. The pelvic girdle connects the base of the spine to the rear limbs. Pelvic fractures may happen as a result of a fall, high-energy trauma  or accidents . Pelvic fracture may be life-threatening because of the extensive bleeding. In case of pelvic fracture, the orthopaedic surgeons may use an external fixator to stabilize the pelvic area. The external fixator device has long screws that are inserted into the bones on each side and connected to a frame outside the body. The external fixator helps the surgeons to address the internal injuries to organs, blood vessels and nerves.

In some cases, an external fixator may be sufficient. But some other pelvic fractures may require traction.  Further, unstable fractures may require surgical insertion of plates or screws. It all depends on the condition of the patient. Recovery after the Complex Pelvis Fixation Surgery may take longer time and the patient may have some pain and impaired mobility during the course of recovery. Usually stable pelvic fractures heal well. Very serious Pelvic fractures may have significant complications, including severe bleeding, internal organ damage, and infection. However, these problems are due more to the associated injuries than to the fracture itself. If these injuries are addressed, the fracture usually heals well.

The cost of Complex Pelvis Fixation Surgery may depend on the number of days of hospital stay, number of physiotherapy sessions, the level of complications or whether screws and plates are used or not.

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