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Endometrial polyp is a very common problem in older women. Endometrial polyps occurs due to thickening of the lining of the womb to form a mushroom-like fold which projects into the uterine cavity. Endometrial Polyps may cause heavy periods, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sexual intercourse, postmenopausal bleeding or, excessive vaginal discharge which is often blood stained. Endometrial Polyps can also be asymptomatic, when they are usually detected as an incidental finding on pelvic ultrasound scan done for another reason. Even though Endometrial polyps are usually non cancerous, they are usually removed by a gynecologist through a  Polypectomy procedure to avoid future complications  . Normally it is found that some polyps are easily missed if the Polypectomy procedure is done using blind technique such as a D&C (Dilatation and Curettage) and the procedure may have to be repeated. It is found that if Polypectomy procedure is done under Hysteroscopic control, then the polyp is clearly visualized to ensure it’s complete removal.

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