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Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a branch of surgery that specializes in restoring form and function to damaged or missing tissues and skin. Essentially, it is the surgical correction of morphological and/or functional defects and malformations of either congenital or aquired nature.

Who needs Reconstructive Surgery?

The causes of such defects needing surgery are highly varied and can range from surgery, tumour excision, injury due to trauma, any illness or congenital abnormalities.

Who does Reconstructive Surgery?

Plastic or reconstructive surgeons are the doctors who do reconstructive surgery. This rapidly evolving specialty is based upon the utilization of key principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology and surgery. Plastic surgeons are specially trained in sound surgical technique to constantly adapt to each individual case they face and offer both functional and aesthetic solutions.

The major techniques in plastic surgery include-

The procedure itself has to be as atraumatic as possible. The incisions used are different (elliptic, Z- plasty etc), the suturing techniques are special (gently handling, specific suture patterns: tensions sutures, intradermal suture etc.) along with special instrumentation (fine scalpel blades and scalpel handle, atraumatic fine tissue forceps, atraumatic needle and monophil non-absorbable materials (polypropylene, polyamide etc.).

The main aim is to restoring wholeness of the person affected through Reconstructive Surgery.

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