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Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is performed using a special telescope called the Arthroscope. The Arthroscope attached to a video camera. The surgeon will examine your shoulder joint by looking at images sent by the camera on the arthroscope to a computer monitor. If necessary, the surgeon can insert surgical instruments to repair damage or remove material that interferes with movement and causes pain in your shoulder.

Surgery performed using arthroscope involves making few small incisions or small cuts in your skin and hence when compared with open surgery, arthroscopic surgery has a faster recovery time. Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is also sometimes referred to as Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery.

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is suggested by your surgeon in order to repair damage to your shoulder caused by injury or certain conditions affecting your shoulder. Shoulder arthroscopy surgery may be very effective to treat injury to the shoulder joint, damage to the ligaments or tendons, problems of the cartilage and wearing away of the joint.

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is a very common and routinely done procedure at our network orthopaedic centres in India. You will get the lowest cost for Shoulder arthroscopy surgery. You will get a high quality surgery that would be performed by some of the best arthroscopic surgeons of India using latest and most advanced technology.

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