Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

Your body is made up of cells. Cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of the body. It is the smallest unit of life and is often called the “building block of life”. Our body needs constant supply of new cells as tissues and organs develop when we grow. New cells are also needed to replace dead or damaged cells. The entire process of old cells dying and the formation of new cells takes place in a very controlled manner. In some people this process of division of cells and formation of new cells goes out of control. There would be rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their usual boundaries. In some cases they can even invade the adjoining body parts and may spread to other organs. These abnormal cells can damage your body’s healthy tissues making you very sick. When this happens, it may lead to cancer. Cancer is a group of many related diseases in which abnormal cells divide without any control and are able to invade other tissues.

Cancer is a leading cause of death across the world. Early detection of cancer plays very important role in the successful treatment. For the detection and treatment of cancer you need advanced technology and an experienced team of doctors and specialists from different specialties. A well planned and a multidisciplinary approach is crucial in the treatment of cancer.

Many countries in the world do not have the technology, infrastructure or skilled cancer experts to provide good quality treatment for cancer patients. In some other countries cancer treatment is very expensive and beyond the reach of many people. Hence many people travel to other countries in search of high quality and affordable cancer treatment. India is one of the most preferred destinations for cancer treatment for many cancer patients across the world because of cost, quality, expertise and the technology that Indian Hospitals have to offer. Every year a large number of cancer patients from across the globe come to our network cancer hospitals in India for cancer treatment. These hospitals offer the lowest cost for cancer treatment when compared to any other leading medical travel destination in the world. You will get world-class cancer treatment at lowest cost.

Services offered at our network cancer hospitals in India

Our network cancer hospitals in India offer complete cancer care right from screening to palliative care. Cancer treatment may include transfusions, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or a combination of these things. Some patients may require many or all these cancer treatments. Our network cancer hospitals in India offer state of the art medical technology and equipment, advanced cancer treatment techniques and highly skilled cancer specialists and doctors that enable patients to have complete and up-to-date treatment.

Following are the services offered at our network cancer hospitals in India.

  • Cancer Screening
  • Cancer Diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hematology
  • Cancer Surgery
  • Cancer Radiation Therapy

Cancer screening services : As mentioned earlier, the early detection of cancer plays a very important role in the successful cancer treatment. Screening helps in early detection of cancer. Cancer Screening means looking for cancer cells before there are symptoms of cancer. Cancer screening exams are the medical tests that are done when you don’t have any signs of illness and are healthy. The main purpose of cancer screening is to find cancer at a very early stage. Cancer Screening may involve blood tests or urine tests or imaging tests and some other tests.

At our network cancer hospitals in India there are specific screening plans for men and women. These plans are carefully made based on your chances and the level of risk of getting cancer. Based on these plans, the hospitals have designed special cancer screening packages for men and women. These packages are very affordable and do not require you to stay in hospital overnight. Based on your level of risk, the doctor will tell you how often you need to undergo screening and if required they may ask you to undergo few more tests.

Screening services are provided for Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Skin Cancer.

It is estimated that more than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented if we followed cancer prevention measures like undergoing routine screening, adapting a healthy lifestyle and having an awareness of the early signs of cancer.

Our network cancer hospitals in India have the latest diagnostic and screening equipment. The hospitals take advantage of the expertise and latest advances in the technology of cancer detection to provide state-of-the art screening services. Our network cancer hospitals in India offer the following screening services.

  • Cancer Screening for Women that includes breasts, thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes, cervix and ovaries
  • Cancer Screening for Men that includes prostate, thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes and testes

Cancer diagnosis services : Cancer cannot be diagnosed that accurately by a single test. The cancer diagnosis starts with complete evaluation of a patient. The evaluation includes history taking and physical examination along with diagnostic testing. Many laboratory and imaging tests are needed to detect and determine cancer.

Cancer diagnosis is helpful in confirming or eliminating the presence of disease, monitoring the progress of the disease and to plan for effective treatment.

Diagnostic procedures for cancer may include imaging, laboratory tests,tests for tumor markers, tumour biopsy, endoscopic examination, surgery, or genetic testing. Our network cancer hospitals in India have completely equipped laboratories and latest imaging technology so that you can get all the cancer diagnostic procedures under one roof.

The state of the art laboratory at our network cancer hospitals in India offer patients the widest range of pathological investigations including all subspecialties like haematology, biochemistry, clinical pathology, microbiology, histopathology, cytology, molecular pathology and cytogenetic. The laboratory has well trained and experienced staff. The laboratories are equipped with Immunohistochemistry system , cytopathology workstation, Coulter Counter, automated cytochemical staining , platelet function analyzer, automated HLA testing unit along with other many other equipment or systems .

The imaging services at our network cancer hospitals in India cover a wide range of radiological tests and nuclear medicine tests that are helpful in cancer diagnosis. The hospitals have latest imaging systems like the PACS, Fluoroscopy, 3D Mammography, Ultrasonography with Colour Doppler, CT Scan,MRI Scan, 64 slice PET-CT Scan , SPECT-CT Scan etc.

Chemotherapy services : Chemotherapy is the use of drugs to control the growth of cancer cells. There are many different types of chemotherapy drugs used today. Each of these Chemotherapy Drugs fights cancer cells in different ways. Chemotherapy works throughout the entire body. Hence chemotherapy drugs can kill cancer cells that may have already spread or metastasized to parts of the body. These cancer cells may be very far away from the primary or original tumour. In India these drugs are comparatively cheaper and are easily available. In some countries chemotherapy drugs are very expensive and hence the entire cancer treatment becomes very expensive and beyond the reach of common patients. Depending on treatment plan, chemotherapy can be used alone or along with surgery and/or with radiation. Chemotherapy can be given by mouth orby infusion into the vein or by injection.

Our network cancer hospitals in India have patient friendly rooms for administering chemotherapy drugs. These rooms are designed to provide a very comfortable, pleasant and safe setting for the patients during chemotherapy treatment. The rooms have state-of-the-art treatment stations for the infusion and chemotherapy. This also offers an on-site phlebotomy draw-station to facilitate rapid turnaround of laboratory tests. All the appointments scheduled in advance and well planned so that the blood tests, doctor visits and chemotherapy treatments can be accurately and conveniently coordinated for the patients.

The hospitals have trained and experienced team of oncologists, haematologists and other staff who meticulously plan the chemotherapy treatments to be accurately and conveniently coordinated for the patients. They provide a wide range of expertise for different types of cancers.

The hospitals have dedicated Medical Oncology units that focus on patient-centered care. The staff members of the medical oncology unit will not only address your medical concerns but also your emotional and psychosocial needs. They have a holistic approach in cancer care.

Hematology services : Haematology is the medical specialty that deals with study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and malignant and non-malignant disease of the blood. Our network cancer hospitals in India have dedicated Haematology Units or Departments that are completely equipped with latest and advanced equipment. The Haematology Units have experienced haematologists and other staff who work closely with medical oncologists in planning the treatment for the patients.

The haematology unit plays a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment planning for the patients suffering from acute and chronic leukaemia, Hodgkin’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes and all other hematologic disorders.

Cancer surgery services : Most of the cancer patients require the involvement of a cancer surgeon during course of diagnosis and the treatment. The cancer surgeon mayhelp in cancer diagnosis, staging and surgery. You may undergo just the cancer surgery to treat cancer or a surgery in combination with radiation and/or chemotherapy. This depends on the treatment plan that is decided by a multi-disciplinary team of expert doctors.The onco-surgeons or the cancer surgeons also play a very important role in reconstruction surgery after cancer resection, cancer prevention, adjuvant procedures and treatment of complications of chemotherapy and radiation.

Our network cancer hospitals in India have some of the best cancer surgeons in India. They have a very vast experience and have worked or trained in some of the leading cancer treatment centers across the world. The cancer surgeons use the latest and most advanced technique like robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery for treating various types of cancers. The robotic-assisted minimally invasive cancer surgery has some advantages for the patients like less pain and discomfort, lesser blood loss and a quicker recovery.

Cancer radiation therapy : Some cancer patients need Radiation Therapy along with chemotherapy and/or surgery as a part of treatment. In Radiation Therapy, high energy x-rays are used to stop the growth of cancer cells and to decrease their ability to divide. The main challenge in Radiation therapy is to perfectly plan the doses of radiation and target the exact point of treatment or cancer cells by limiting damage to healthy cells. Hence radiation therapy is very carefully planned and carried out. Thankfully our network cancer hospitals in India have cutting edge technology for radiation therapy like the Novalis, True Beam, Cyberknife etc. These sophisticated machines provide superior reach and manoeuvrability, unparalleled precision that minimizes exposure to surrounding healthy tissues or cells , superior accuracy by tracking movement of body and confirming the tumor location prior to beam delivery , non-invasive procedure without the need for metal frames and skull pins and the procedure takes much lesser time when compared to traditional methods or technology used in radiation therapy.

There are two ways to deliver radiation therapy – External and Internal. In External Beam radiation the radiation is delivered from outside of the body and in internal radiation therapy the radioactive sources are placed into the body. It has to be noted that Radiation therapy may or may not be a part of your complete cancer treatment plan.

Some of the common cancers treated at our network cancer hospitals in India

  • Adrenal Cancer
  • Anal Cancer
  • Aplastic Anemia
  • Bile Duct Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Bone Cancer
  • Brain/CNS Tumors In Adults
  • Brain/CNS Tumors In Children
  • Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer In Men
  • Cancer in Children
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Colon/Rectum Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Esophagus Cancer
  • Ewing Family Of Tumors
  • Eye Cancer
  • Gallbladder Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors
  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)
  • Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
  • Hodgkin Disease
  • Kaposi Sarcoma
  • Kidney Cancer
  • Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Cancer
  • Leukemia – Acute Lymphocytic (ALL) in Adults
  • Leukemia – Acute Myeloid (AML)
  • Leukemia – Chronic Lymphocytic (CLL)
  • Leukemia – Chronic Myeloid (CML)
  • Leukemia – Chronic Myelomonocytic (CMML)
  • Leukemia in Children
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Lung Cancer – Non-Small Cell
  • Lung Cancer – Small Cell
  • Lung Carcinoid Tumor
  • Lymphoma of the Skin
  • Malignant Mesothelioma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
  • Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus Cancer
  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma In Children/p>
  • Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Cancer
  • Osteosarcoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Penile Cancer
  • Pituitary Tumors
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Retinoblastoma
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