Urethroplasty Surgery

Urethroplasty Surgery

Urethroplasty is a procedure wherein any injury or defect within the urethra walls is surgically mended. Recurrent infections, trauma and iatrogenic injury are the most frequent causes of urethral injury/defect needing repair. Urethral injury/defect results in urethral strictures (narrowing of lumen of urethra). Urethroplasty is supposed to be the gold standard treatment for urethral strictures and offers improved outcomes in recurrence rates.


What is the procedure for urethroplasty?

Whether the urethroplasty involves an anterior or posterior stricture, the principles of surgery are common to both. The entire diseased segment of stricture and the periurethral scar or fibrotic tissues must be excised until healthy tissues are identified on both ends. The two ends of the urethra are then joined to create the largest lumen possible. Urethroplasty by using locally accessible, similar tissue in a single phase procedure is straightforward to perform and the postoperative results show reasonable results.


Who treats Urological Problems?

Urologists are the specific surgical specialists you should meet for getting this procedure done. They have trained in surgery and general urology. Along with urologists, nephrologists (specialists in kidney) and endocrinologists (specialists in endocrine problems) may have to be consulted. Your urologist will choose the best procedure to treat you.