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Treatment Assistance has a wide network of some of the best hospitals for women in India that understand the very specific healthcare needs and healthcare challenges of women.Hence the services and the infrastructure have been designed keeping in mind the women’s physiology and psychology and the way they access healthcare services. This helps women to be very comfortable right from their first visit to the hospital till the time they are discharged from the hospital after the treatment.

Our network hospitals in India provide a full range of gynecological care to meet the needs of women of all ages. Since these hospitals offer very affordable and advanced imaging and gynecological surgery services, thousands of women from around the world come to these hospitals each year for various medical treatments.

Some of the most common gynecological services offered at our network gynecology hospitals in India

Diagnostics and imaging Services :

Our network hospitals in India offer a full range of diagnostic and imaging technologies. Some of the diagnostic tests like the urodynamic testing and magnetic resonance imaging help to quickly and accurately identify various gynecologic problems. There are bone density x-ray facilities that help in the evaluation of osteoporosis and other related conditions. The advanced ultrasound technologies are used for the evaluation of fetal development. There are advanced equipment to diagnose pelvic pain and fibroid growths

Preventive care for women :

We all know that prevention is better than cure. In preventative care the focus is on prevention of diseases rather than cure. Regular health check-ups and screening tests may help to find health problems before they start. Further, they can also help to find health problems early. Earlier detection of health problems can help in easier and more effective treatment. As a woman, you might need some special exams and screenings tests. These tests help to maintain a better standard of general health and therefore quality of life. Hence they minimise the risk of long-term health consequences. Our network hospitals in India have developed very affordable general health check-up and screening packages for women. You can either select from an extensive list of health screening packages or a package can be custom designed for you in consultation with the doctors. If any health issue is detected after the tests are done then you will be referred to a specialist who will do a complete evaluation of your medical issue and plan treatment options for you. In some cases additional tests may also be ordered or medicine may be prescribed if applicable.

Surgical care for women :

 Our network hospitals in India offer advanced technologies and procedures along with an outstanding level of care and compassion for women. The team of surgeons, nurses and technologists are specifically trained in all women’s surgical procedures. The surgeons are specifically trained in all aspects of women’s surgical needs including minimally invasive gynecological surgery, urological surgery, robotic surgery and breast surgery. The medical team understands the unique and sensitive nature of women’s surgical procedures and have hence developed required skills and facility to provide best care. The Inpatient wards and the Intensive Care units (ICU) are devoted to the special needs of female patients recovering from complex gynecologic and pelvic surgery or coping with women’s cancer treatment. From removal of fibroid tumours to treatment of ovarian cysts and heavy periods, the network hospitals in India offer almost all types of surgical and medical care for women. The surgeons at these hospitals routinely perform advanced Single Site Robotically Assisted surgical procedures, which can dramatically reduce risks and recovery time.There are advanced dedicated operating rooms that specialize in gynecologic and some aesthetic procedures for women. There are also specialized unit designed uniquely to provide care to you before and after your surgery.

Cancer treatment for women :

Our network cancer hospitals in India have dedicated department that focus exclusively on the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers. These cancer hospitals offer diagnostic tests and therapies based on the most up-to-date scientific findings and advancement in technology. The hospitals have the required expertise to cover all types and stages of gynecologic cancers like Cervical cancer, Vaginal cancer, Endometrial or Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer, Trophoblastic disease , Vulvar cancer etc. The medical team consists of specialists who are among the leading experts in gynecologic cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Hospitals have the latest options in minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery, advanced radiation treatments that preserve healthy tissue and significantly reduce side effects. There is also dedicated rehabilitation and counselling departments to help you. The medical team and the support staff will work closely with you and your family to develop a treatment plan suited to your situation. The medical team is a highly experienced and multidisciplinary.

Laparoscopic surgery for women :

Our network hospitals in India have highly skilled laparoscopic surgeons and gynecologists who have a vast experience of performing surgeries using advanced minimally invasive techniques. In minimally invasive surgeries or laparoscopic surgeries, laparoscopes are used to perform surgeries. A laparoscope is a fibre-optic telescope designed to allow the surgeon to visualize and examine the organs lying within the pelvic and abdominal cavities. This helps the surgeons to perform surgery by making few small cuts instead of a single large cut. Some of the advantages of laparoscopic surgery are lesser pain, smaller cuts , faster recovery , shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activity and lifestyle. Some of the routinely performed laparoscopic Gynaecological procedures at our network hospitals in India are laparoscopic hysterectomies, laparoscopic removal of fibroids, laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal, laparoscopic removal of tubes or ovaries, laparoscopic pelvic floor repair for prolapse, laparoscopic bladder neck suspension for incontinence, laparoscopic removal of Endometriosis, laparoscopic infertility Surgery etc. The hospitals have advanced Diagnostic Laparoscopy facilities. The Diagnostic Laparoscopy can be used for investigation of pelvic pain, infertility, cysts and tumors etc.

Infertility treatment for women :

The hospitals use the very latest scientific developments and advancement in technology in infertility treatment, in a very friendly and informal environment to provide world-class treatment for various infertility problems faced by women and make you feel at home during your visit or stay in the hospital. There are state-of-the-art IVF laboratory that are backed up by highly experienced infertility specialists, who have a vast experience in the field of infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) for many years in India and abroad. These infertility specialists have an extensive first-hand experience and very good success rates. The hospitals are equipped with a full range of diagnostic equipment and latest technology to diagnose the infertility problems. Some of the infertility treatments may require multiple sittings and hence we have developed very affordable packages.

Cosmetic surgery for women :

 Nowadays a lot of emphasis is given on body shape and looks. A cosmetic surgery can play an important role in addressing many physical problems that cannot be simply solved through exercise or dieting. A cosmetic surgery can dramatically improve your enjoyment of life and raise their self-esteem and confidence. At our network Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in India, there are medical specialists with expertise in Body Metabolism who will work with you to achieve your weight-loss and nutritional goals, so that you can get the best possible results from your body procedures. The Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals offer a wide range of treatments and have expert teams of qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurses and Cosmetic Surgeons who are hand-picked for their Cosmetic Surgery experience and expertise. Some of the surgeons are even US Board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeons who have vast experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. These centres offer very affordable face lifts, implants, fat injections, laser resurfacing and breast and other body surgery packages.

Some Most Affordable Treatments offered at our Network Hospitals in India for various conditions involving the Nervous System, the Brain, the Scalp, Skull as well as the Peripheral Nerves.

Some of the most common gynecological services offered at our network gynecology hospitals in India

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Treatment at our Network Gynecology Hospitals in India

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at our Network Gynecology Hospitals in India

Urogynecology Services at our Network Gynecology Hospitals in India

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