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Affordable and World-class Eye Treatment at Best Eye Hospitals in India

Your eyes are one of the sophisticated sensory organs in your body that function like a camera. Each of your eyes has different parts that work to create a vision for your eyes. Each part has its own function to perform. These parts are the Cornea, Pupil and Iris, Lens, Retina and the Optical Nerve. First, the light enters your eye through their cornea. The corneas bend the light next to go toward the pupil.Your pupil is the round black circle in your eye. The iris is the colour surrounding the pupil. The pupil and iris are like a camera’s aperture which is an open space that allows the light to pass through farther in to the eye. From here the light then travels to the lens of your eyes.Like the lenses of a camera, the lenses of your eyeshelp to bring the light into focus. Lenses send the light to the back of the eye. In the back of the eye there is the retina. The retina contains photoreceptor nerve cells that take the light and transform them in to electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are sent to the optic nerve of the eye that transmit the information to the brain and allows you to see what you see.

There are some eye diseases that may affect your vision. Some of the common eye problems are allergies, amblyopia, cataract, low vision, corneal diseases, glaucoma, neuro ophthalmology diseases, orbital diseases, uveitis, refractive errors and retinal diseases. You should see an eye specialist if you experience blurring, double vision, blind spots, flashing lights or floaters , pain, persistent irritation, itching, discharge or the sensation of a foreign body, recurrent conjunctivitis, too many or too few tears, you are diabetic or have a family history of glaucoma.

A large number of people across the world, belonging to different age groups are living with various types of eye problems and many of them are blind. A majority of eye problems can be prevented or cured. But unfortunately there are some countries that do not have good eye care hospitals and eye specialists. Hence people from these countries travel to other countries in search of high quality and affordable eye treatment. Many of these people come to our network eye hospitals in India for availing world-class and affordable eye treatment. These hospitals provide best eye care services with the help of well trained doctors in various specialties of ophthalmology and equally skilful paramedical staff. The hospitals procure equipment from the world’s best medical equipment manufacturers in order to provide you the latest, painless and hassle free treatments available. From vision correction to cataract removal, using the latest technologies in the field of eye care allows the doctors to give you a stitch, blade and drug free experience.

Advanced Diagnostic Facilities at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Our network eye hospitals in India offer advanced diagnostic facilities for diagnosing various types of eye problems. The hospitals have modern vision testing systems, wavefront scan for custom LASIK evaluation, Digital Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA), Gonioscopy, Keratometery, advanced Ultra Sound, Automated Perimetry, Synoptophore Evaluation, OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) , Tonometry, Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Corneal Topography etc.

Modern Operation Theaters at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Our network eye hospitals in India have ultra-modern and dedicated operation theatres for performing various types of eye surgeries. The hospitals have dedicated operation theatres thatareexclusively used for cataract surgeries or paediatric & retinal cases or for operating infected cases. The operation theatres are equipped with world class operating microscopes and sterilisation process.

Affordable Eye Treatment Procedures offered by our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Retinal Surgery at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Cornea Transplant at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Refractive Errors Treatment at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Lasik Eye Surgery at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

Other Eye Procedures offered at our Network Eye Hospitals in India

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