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Gallstones are tiny but hard pebble-like deposits that develops inside the gallbladder. Gallstones may be of the size of a grain of sand or as big as a golf ball. The gallbladder is a pear shaped organ of the digestive system, located in the right upper side of the abdomen right below the Liver. Gallstones develop when bile, i.e. the fluid inside the gallbladder solidifies into stone like pieces. This fluid is made in Liver and later stored in gallbladder for future usage. Bile is composed of water, fats, bile salts, cholesterol and waste products like bilirubin. Excess amount of these substances results in the hardening of bile liquid into gallstones.

There are basically two types of gallstones:

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Gallstones are more widespread in women than in men and it affects people who are over age 40. Gallstones may also be inherited.The following are some of the causes and risk factors that lead to gallstones.


Symptoms of gallstones are as follows:


Tests used to detect gallstones or gallbladder inflammation includes:


Following are some of the treatment options for Gallstones:

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