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Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Like a hip replacement surgery, a hip resurfacing surgery is also a joint replacement procedure. But the kind of implant used and the way a hip resurfacing surgery is performed, is different from a hip replacement surgery. To understand the differences between a hip replacement surgery and a hip resurfacing surgery, we need to first understand the hip joint structure. A hip joint is called as a Ball and Socket joint. The joint is formed by the acetabulum (concave surface) of the Pelvic bone (the hip bone) and the Femur (the thigh bone). The Ball is the head of the femur bone and the socket is the concave surface of the pelvic bone or the hip bone. The most important functions performed by this joint are as follows.

  1. to support the weight of the body in both in standing and walking or running postures
  2. to help in the movement of the legs

There are many conditions that may cause a severe pain in the hip. Some of the causes are fractures, muscle strain, tendonitis, arthritis etc. Arthritis is among the most common causes for a hip pain and when the conservative methods like medications, physiotherapy, weight loss, excercises etc fail then your doctor may give you an option of a hip replacement or a hip resurfacing surgery.

Hip resurfacing was developed much after hip replacement procedure and it was developed as a surgical alternative for hip replacement.

How a hip joint resurfacing surgery is different from traditional total hip replacement surgery ?

What are the benefits associated with a hip resurfacing surgery ?

What are the risks associated with a hip resurfacing surgery ?

Like any other major surgery, a hip resurfacing surgery has some associated risks. But due to the advancement in the technology and implant design and composition these risks are kept at minimal level. Some of the risks associated are as follows.

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