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For the majority of us, the subject of abnormalities of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and genitalia is unfamiliar territory! We have heard of adult problems, like prostate cancer and kidney stones, but we know very little about the problems that infants and children are born with and the vast array of available treatments for their conditions.

What is Pediatric Urology?

Pediatric Urology is the surgical specialty that deals with problems of the genitalia and urinary tract of children. Mostly, children are born with the problems that are seen in Pediatric Urology. These problems may not be detected until much later when children develop a urinary infection, like bladder or kidney infections.

Sometimes kidney defects can be seen on ultrasound even before babies are born.

Who treats Pediatric Urological Problems?

Pediatric urologists are specific surgical specialists. They have trained in surgery and general urology and then completed fellowships especially in pediatric urology. Along with urologists, nephrologists (specialists in kidney) and endocrinologists (specialists in endocrine problems) may have to be consulted. Your pediatric urologist will choose the best procedure to treat your child.

The most common problems seen by the Pediatric Urologists are:

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